Coalition Next Belgium by Digital Pharma Lab is calling for projects – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Coalition Next Belgium is launching a call for solutions focusing on digital innovation in Belgian hospitals and home care organisations. Coalition Next Belgium is an initiative by and for Belgian healthcare institutions, associations and pharmaceutical companies that together want to accelerate the implementation of digital innovations in healthcare. The selected projects will be rolled out at an accelerated pace in 2023 so that these innovations benefit patients and healthcare providers.

Coalition Next Belgium is building on the success of Coalition Next France, which launched such a call for the third time at the beginning of this year. Previous calls and selections have already accelerated the implementation of 30 projects in more than 80 French healthcare institutions. CEO of BHH member Digital Pharma Lab and founder of Coalition Next, Pascal Bécache, put it this way: “Coalition Next is a real accelerator for start-ups that want to present their eHealth solutions to healthcare institutions, industry and investors. It is a unique opportunity to gain direct access to the market.”

With this call for applications, Coalition Next Belgium mainly wants to look for projects around three social needs in healthcare and the healthcare system:

  1. Enabling prevention and/or an accurate access to healthcare
  2. Accelerating the diagnosis and/or optimising the treatment pathways
  3. Smoothening the process of remote care

Azéle Mathieu, Innovation Lead at MSD and President of Coalition Next Belgium: “With Coalition Next, we are jointly executing a robust co-creation process. We start with the needs of care institutions in the country to define the themes of the call for projects. This iterative process turns out to be very instructive for everyone: we understand the reality of everyone better.”

Because there is support from all interested parties, digital solutions can immediately aim for exponential growth. Christophe Jauquet, Ecosystem Lead for Coalition Next Belgium, expects many applications: “For companies with digital healthcare solutions, the implementation is not always easy. But Coalition Next Belgium offers the opportunity to suddenly reach the right person in charge in a hospital just looking for their solution.”

The care institutions also evaluate all projects themselves. After selecting the projects, an invitation will follow to roll out the projects together with all interested parties. The focus of Coalition Next Belgium is on the accelerated implementation of projects.

Coalition Next offers a significant advantage for healthcare institutions, according to Dieter De Court, Innovation Lead at UZ Brussel and Vice-President of Coalition Next Belgium: “By participating in Coalition Next, we, as a hospital, get a broader view of the innovative range of solutions from start-ups and innovative companies, to make our services future-proof. In addition, it is an opportunity to explore further collaboration with private companies, such as from the pharmaceutical industry.”

Startups and innovative companies can apply until noon on October 31, 2022. Don’t miss this opportunity and submit your project here.