#BHHInterview with Gustavo Perez of Gebro: “Let’s work together towards digital innovation”

Recently Barcelona Health Hub had the honors to receive Gustavo Perez, Director of Sales and Marketing of Laboratorios Gebro Pharma, at the BHH Headquarters. He met with BHH’s General Manager Eva Rosell to talk about personalised medicine in this #BHHInterview.

Gustavo has ample experience in the pharma industry. According to Gustavo, Barcelona Health Hub provides a great way to connect the entire digital health ecosystem, connecting talent and innovation, which resonates well with the values of Gebro. Gustavo also explains about their collaborations with different startups. Although it’s yet too soon to talk about real success stories, he confirms that it’s promising route towards success.

Find out more about Gustavo’s story with Gebro in this interview in Spanish here.