Early call for submissions to apply in the PEICTI funds

Today begins the early submissions call for the PEICTI, the programming instrument for developing, financing and executing the public policies of the General State Administration in the area of R&D&I promotion and coordination.

The purpose of this call for proposals is to advance in the incorporation of scientific and technical knowledge. This creates the appropriate context that stimulates the generation of a critical mass for R&D&I of an interdisciplinary nature for its application, transfer, search for solutions and generation of results both in the technological and innovation trajectories of companies, as well as in the market. Likewise, these projects are intended to mobilize private investment, generate employment and improve the country’s technological balance, as well as strengthen the international leadership capacity of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System and its agents, contributing to improve the competitiveness of the business fabric.

The following entities may be eligible as beneficiary entities:

  • Public research organizations.
  • Public universities and their university institutes.
  • Health research institutes.
  • Other public R&D&I centers, with their own legal personality, which in their statutes or in the regulations governing them or in their corporate purpose have R&D&I as their main activity.
  • State-level Technology Centers and State-level Technological Innovation Support Centers.
  • Private universities with proven R&D&I capacity and activity.
  • Private R&D&I centers, with their own legal personality and non-profit making that have defined R&D&I as their main activity in their statutes or in the regulations that govern them or in their corporate purpose.
  • Companies.
  • Sectorial business associations.

More information about this call HERE.