LambdaLoopers reaches a turnover of one million euros in 2022 – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member LambdaLoopers, a company specialized in consulting, design and tech development, reaches a turnover of 1M€ for the first time since its founding in 2017. During 2022, the company has positioned itself as a stable consulting firm on a financial level and with guarantees in terms of production and project development.

In a time where some of the main tech giants – the majority of which are international – are reducing their size, LambdaLoopers has achieved to consolidate its presence in the market offering digital solutions to companies of various sectors and phases of projects: from startups to companies with a solid trajectory in their sector always rooting to implement agile methodologies with the purpose to assure the consecution of objectives and the optimization of resources.

For 2023, the company has the objective to consolidate current projects and to widen its client roster, setting focus on the well-established companies which, they can’t either integrate their own tech team, or even having their own area within the company for specific projects they need to have an expert team for the projects they’re going to execute.

Eduard Barroso, CCO of LambdaLoopers, says that “this year we can also achieve our objectives, taking into account that those are more demanding than last year’s. Although we’re seeing how tech companies are living a domino effect – and it’s estimated that already more than 70.000 of the professionals in the IT sector are available since the layoffs – at LambdaLoopers, we have a clear growing strategy that goes not only through the correct execution of projects, but also engage the community we’ve created, where we share knowledge with clients, other companies from our industry and potential talent for the company through events and monthly activities.”

To reduce the possibilities of a situation, like the one the sector is facing right now, from happening to more companies, for LambdaLoopers it is essential to work with the methodology of team augmentation. Decisions within the companies are usually taken by non-tech profiles and so, on the majority of occasions, the number of people or specialties needed to have a successful project is unknown. That’s why team augmentation allows to include all proper professionals and those strictly necessary for a specific period of time or even permanently. Also, this methodology of work has a direct impact on the results because it allows structural costs to reduce significantly and it deletes the selection process, which usually are extensive and expensive.