Barcelona Health Hub’s Women’s Week – FrontWave

International Women’s Day is already here and Barcelona Health Hub is proud to give voice to those BHH members in female health in this Barcelona Health Hub’s Women’s Week series. It is time to discover the women’s health voices present at the Hub!

Barcelona Health Hub introduces BHH member FrontWave as voice for women’s health. They produce state-of-the-art images based upon ultrasound data and supercomputing. The images generated characterize the physical properties of the tissue and hence can help in diagnosing diseases such as cancer.

Discover more about what they do to improve women’s health and daily life HERE.


And don’t forget to join the upcoming roundtable event on “Female Leaders in the Health Industry: Challenges and Opportunities”, LIVE on March 9th at 18hrs at the BHH Headquarters.

Barcelona Health Hub’s Women’s Week