The decline in human sperm concentration – #BHHMembersInitiatives

A meta-analysis on declining sperm concentration globally was published followed by press sensation and paranoia! What are the perspectives? Discover them in BHH member Microptic‘s new monthly blog article.

The author previously wrote a blog based on an international conference presentation (2018) which was subsequently published by Prof Levine from Israel showing that there is a global decline in sperm concentration followed by a large press coverage and concern about male fertility decreasing. In November 2022 a second meta-analysis on sperm concentration decline globally appeared and it now incorporated a few countries in Africa and South America among others not previously considered. This again had a huge press coverage that bordered on paranoia and hysteria and warning about infertility on the increase and men’s doomsday.

The emphasis in this blog is to warn against a correlation between decreasing sperm concentration and infertility per se.

Discover the whole article HERE.