Meet BHH Ambassador Helena Torras: “The future of healthcare can be found technology”

Meet the BHH Ambassadors! They are highly renowned experts in the field of digital health. They spread the word and help Barcelona Health Hub to promote innovation in digital health and consolidate BHH as an international reference hub.

BHH Ambassador Helena Torras, Venture Partner at Hans(wo)men Group, sat down with BHH’s CEO Luis Badrinas to talk about the ups and downs of investing. During the discussion, Helena compared investing to a rollercoaster ride, where one day you can be at the top, and the next day, you can easily experience failure.

During the interview, she elaborates on her experience as an investor, which has enabled her to overcome many challenges. She emphasizes that a company’s success is determined by its people and expresses her passion to help startups that offer something unique and revolutionary.

Watch Helena’s interview and discover what the quote is for HERE!