Explore the interview with BHH’s CEO on the Personalized Health blog by Made of Genes – #BHHMembersInitiatives

BHH member Made of Genes has recently launched a new interview on their Personalized Health blog in their context of the #HealthTalks.

Gina Farrús, Communication Director of Made of Genes & Genomcore sat down with Luis Badrinas, CEO of Barcelona Health Hub and Founder of Community of Insurance to talk about the latest trends in digital health. Thanks to the expertise of Luis in digital transformation of both health and insurance ecosystems, the two worlds were brought together in this talk with a great future ahead for both sectors.

In the interview, Luis and Gina deepen into digitalization and digital transformation in health insurance. They talk about the new models of user engagement and empowerment and the importance of prevention and healthcare in a more comprehensive fully personalized way.

Made of Genes offers data-driven, holistic health management to healthy individuals through extending traditional blood tests with new-gen molecular testing. Thir approach provides guidelines about lifestyle, diet, sport and well-aging completely personalized, measurable and actionable that are able to optimize the user’s health from day one. Made of Genes is currently working with more than 10 insurers and health benefits companies. This collaborations prove that their model convinces both marketing and medical directions of established players.

On the other side, Genomcore is Made of Genes‘ technology brand. Genomcore platform provides a specialized unified multimodal datastore for genomics, time-series and clinical data coupled with a low-code framework designed to build custom e-health solutions, drastically reducing the time, skills and costs associated with the creation of digital therapeutics tools and Software as Medical Device (SaMD). Their platform serves clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, diagnostics providers, healthcare professionals and governments, reducing operating costs and improving patient care.

Watch the interview HERE.