How the work environment in the pharmaceutical sector affects women – #BHHMembersInitiatives

Despite the industry’s reputation for equity and diversity, there are still gender inequalities, especially in business and senior leadership roles. This lack of representation makes it difficult for many women to advance professionally and make decisions, leaving them stuck in middle management positions.

Initiatives like BHH member Mujeres en Farma are working to empower women and give visibility to the pharmaceutical industry as a leader in equity and inclusion. Mujeres en Farma has launched a form to capture the realities that women face in the workplace, addressing topics such as self-limitation, guilt, safety in the workplace, and self-expectations.

Many women face obstacles in the workplace that can affect their confidence and make them question their abilities and achievements. This lack of confidence can lead to what is known as imposter syndrome, where women feel they don’t deserve their success and are frauds in their job.

Another issue to highlight is the work-life balance, where women face additional challenges due to family responsibilities. Many roles are attributed to men when they are actually gender-neutral, and women can feel judged for taking on these roles. In the demanding pharmaceutical industry, it is especially important for women to learn to set boundaries and prioritize their emotional well-being.

The high level of self-expectation helps women achieve professional goals but must be balanced with proper mental health care. Women in this sector must feel empowered to say no when they feel overwhelmed and seek support and resources to manage stress and pressure.

If you want to help understand the reality of women in the pharmaceutical industry, it won’t take more than 3 minutes to respond the Mujeres en Farma form HERE.