Check out Groenlandia Tech’s Nuuk at the BHH Showroom

If you have visited the BHH Headquarters lately, you might already have noticed a new addition at the entrance. BHH member Groenlandia Tech took the chance to showcase their product Nuuk at the BHH Showroom!  Groenlandia Tech is a Spanish healthtech startup specialized in innovation applied to the logistics and transport process of biological samples,.

Join the Thematic Café “Addressing challenges in Mental Health through innovation” on June 22nd

Living Lab by Ferrer is a space where healthcare professionals and innovation agents share knowledge, explore challenges, and co-create solutions, generating a positive impact on the healthcare ecosystem. On this occasion, it brings us a Thematic Café on June 22nd, live at the BHH Headquarters, entitled “Addressing challenges in Mental Health through innovation“. It aims.

Exclusive ticket deal for BHH members for the ITC DIA Europe event

Barcelona Health Hub is thrilled to announce that once again it has teamed up with ITC DIA! The partnership provides BHH members with strongly discounted attendee tickets for ITC DIA Europe, the biggest global conference connecting insurance executives with insurtech leaders, which will take place on June 27-29 in Barcelona.  To get an idea of.

Meet BHH’s new Digital Transformation Officer!

Barcelona Health Hub is proud to announce that Antonella De Ceano-Vivas has joined the BHH Team as the brand new Digital Transformation Officer. Antonella will shed light on innovation and technology transfer within the health sector. Stay tuned for exciting updates from her soon! Antonella, welcome to the Barcelona Health Hub team! It’s a pleasure.

Cinfa and Barcelona Health Hub join forces to promote health solutions with a high innovative component

Cinfa, the pharmaceutical laboratory most present in Spanish households, has signed a collaboration agreement with Barcelona Health Hub to boost and promote innovative trends and projects in the healthcare sector. Through this union, carried out through Cinfa’s Open Innovation Platform, CinfaNext, both entities seek to promote innovative startup initiatives applicable to the current and future.

Discover “From Prevention to Prediction: How Insurers are Transforming the Patient Experience” at the Health Revolution Congress

Just one week to go until the Health Revolution Congress! It’s time to prepare yourself for the upcoming panel about “From Prevention to Prediction: How Insurers are Transforming the Patient Experience”. Discover in this panel how insurance companies are using advanced technologies and data analysis to improve the overall health and well-being of patients, moving.

Explore more about “Digital Health Innovations: Tech Companies Driving Better Healthcare” at the Health Revolution Congress

Get ready to learn from tech titans that are shaping the future of healthcare at the upcoming Health Revolution Congress! The panel “Digital Health Innovations: Tech Companies Driving Better Healthcare“, happening on May 17th, brings together visionaries and industry leaders to explore the transformative power of technology in healthcare.  Get inspired by the panelists that.