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4YFN - Interview with Gebro Pharma

FEBRUARY 12, 2024 Events

Barcelona Health Hub will shine again at 4YFN 2024, the startup business platform at the Mobile World Congress. The BHH Stand will take the center stage at the Digital Health Area, where you can connect with influential leaders, visionary investors, and the brightest minds in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

One of the companies you can meet at 4YFN is BHH member Laboratorios Gebro Pharma. This pharmaceutical company is dedicated to the development and marketing of prescription and hospital medicines. Gebro Pharma is a benchmark in the areas of pain, respiratory, autoinmune diseases, rheumatology, and urology, where it develops and markets a portfolio of innovative and reference drugs.

Ricard Castellet, Head of Digital Transformation of Gebro, is happy to share about their expectations for this next edition of 4YFN.

  • Ricard, thank you for joining the BHH Stand at the upcoming edition of 4YFN. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about Gebro?

I'm the Head of Digital Transformation at Gebro. From this position, I focus on the cultural change that the company is carrying out, as well as on bringing the digital mindset to all its areas, especially in products and services aimed at patients and the public health system.

  • Can you elaborate about what’s new at Gebro these days?

At Gebro, we are in the midst of a transformation process, and one of the key aspects of this transformation is rethinking current business models. In this strategy, we have collaborated with BHH member HumanITcare in the development of a platform for digital solutions surrounding asthma. The project represents Gebro's first MVP with a "Beyond the Pill" vision. With a strong focus on the drug, we propose a platform that adds value to the entire healthcare system -the physician, the patient, and the system itself. We are developing a digital health tool that is interoperable and designed by both patients and physicians, providing value to patients in terms of relapse prevention and to healthcare professionals with prevention alerts based on different vital data.

It's not a website, it's not an app... it's an interoperable platform of digital services for asthma.

  • This is your first time at the BHH Stand in the Digital Health Area of 4YFN. Could you share why you decided to join Barcelona Health Hub this year?

For us, Barcelona Health Hub is a strategic partner, crucial in the company's transformation process. We highly appreciate its level of specialization in the industry, and we have always felt supported by BHH, with whom we have collaborated at all times. In last year's edition of 4YFN, we recognized the potential of the booth, the flow of visitors, the visibility of the brands, and we clearly saw the strategic importance of being present.

  • It’s still a few weeks away, but what are you excited about at the upcoming 4YFN conference? What can we expect from your stand?

The MWC, and especially the 4YFN, is a key event on the annual agenda. This year, Gebro will have an active presence, and we see this as a step forward in the consolidation of the company's transformation.


If you’re interested in meeting Gebro, don’t hesitate to visit the BHH Stand in Hall 8 on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th of February. Mark your agenda for the upcoming edition of 4YFN and meet Gebro. Barcelona Health Hub is already looking forward to meeting you!

More information here.

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