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Join the #BHHTalk: "Sunny Days Ahead: Navigating Summer Care Essentials"

MAY 28, 2024 Events

Barcelona Health Hub is excited to announce the event "BHH Talks: Sunny Days Ahead: Navigating Summer Care Essentials," set to take place at the BHH Headquarters on June 13th.

As we gear up for the summer, this #BHHTalk will deliver insightful and practical knowledge on how to stay healthy and radiant during the sunniest season of the year. Join at the Hub for a morning filled with expert talks from distinguished BHH members, each bringing their unique perspective on summer care.


  • 10:30 hrs - "Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology: Threat or Opportunity?" with Legit Health. COO Taig Mac Carthy will show how AI technologies can enhance dermatological diagnostics and treatments, the potential risks and ethical considerations, and the future landscape of AI in skincare.
  • 11:00 hrs - "Nourishing Your Summer Glow: RODA's Blend of Mediterranean Botanicals and Biotech" with RODA Cosmetics. CEO Marta Jubero will focus on the innovative fusion of traditional Mediterranean botanicals with cutting-edge biotechnology to create effective skincare solutions.
  • 11:30 hrs - "Summer Fuel: Healthy Summer Nutrition Strategies" with Zenement. Biochemist & Product Developer Blanca León will cover strategies for staying hydrated, the best foods to consume for energy and vitality, and how to incorporate summer superfoods into your diet. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to gather valuable insights and practical tips for navigating summer care essentials. Mark your calendars for a morning of enlightening talks and expert advice at the BHH Headquarters.

Space is limited so secure your spot for this event. Let's welcome the sunny days ahead with knowledge and confidence.

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