BCCC places its confidence in eMascaró to develop its digital strategy
Home News BCCC places its confidence in eMascaró to develop its digital strategy

BCCC places its confidence in eMascaró to develop its digital strategy

APRIL 11, 2024 BHH Members Initiatives

The digital projects development agency and BHH member eMascaró collaborates with Barcelona Clinical Coordinating Centre (BCCC) to update its new website.

The BCCC is a CRO (Academic Contract Research Organization) that provides comprehensive support for clinical trials and research for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

eMascaró carried out the visual identity of the brand, the SEO strategy, the content architecture for very specific segmentation, the design and development of the digital project.

BCCC specializes in various types of research studies, including medical devices, clinical trials, post-marketing studies, and diagnostic methods. To manage the various contents of the business areas, eMascaró integrated the Vento CMS, which helps to gain speed and effectiveness by facilitating the creation of new landings for future studies.

One of the main characteristics of the BCCC is its international team of workers, which is why the website has a special section dedicated to recruiting talent and communicating with employees.

Find out more about the brand identity, the design and the storytelling applied in this digital project to integrate various business units in an innovative way.

Explore the digital project HERE

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