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Join the Zurich Innovation Championship 2024

FEBRUARY 12, 2024 BHH Members Initiatives

Since 2018, the Zurich Innovation Championship has been a key program within BHH member Zurich, combining global strategic priorities with local business needs to drive innovation and co-develop offerings that push insurance boundaries.

This championship is a yearly collaboration program between Zurich Insurance and startups from across the globe. The program aims to create and validate a joint value proposition between the Business unit of Zurich and the Startups. This goes beyond simply distributing or utilizing the startup's product. Instead, they aim to find ways of delivering value through new offers and services to their customers.

That's why the Zurich Innovation Championship 2024 is looking for innovation beyond insurance. Their search is spanning across all industries – so even if your product or solution doesn’t fit into the "insurance niche", the Innovation Championship is looking for you! If you have an exciting, world-changing, ground-breaking idea that together you could bring to life – sign up now for Zurich’s global startup program.

In short: the Innovation Championship caters to startups at every stage of growth! In their latest editions, Zurich collaborated with a diverse range of startups. Regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, their program offers tailored support and resources to help you reach the next level.

These key ingredients are essential for a fruitful application to Zurich's program:

  • Proven Operative Solution: To make the most of their accelerator, having a working solution is a prerequisite. They offer opportunities to test your solution internally or with their customers, and if you've already validated your solution with a customer, that's a significant advantage.
  • Scalability: They're looking for startups that are ready to roll out or are willing to expand their capacities to deliver value across their various Zurich Business Units within the next 2 years. This scalability is crucial for tapping into the full potential of their collaboration.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Customer-centricity is at the core of their program. They expect all startup value propositions to be designed and evolved using Human-Centric Design criteria. This means that understanding and addressing customer needs is paramount in their collaborative efforts.

One of the 2024 challenges offered by Zurich is 'Life & Health'. This challenge focuses on seeking innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenge that customers have wide ranging and varied needs throughout their lifetime and often life and health solutions are long term purchases. Specifically, they are looking for solutions that increase insurance needs awareness, develop their customization capabilities, improve customer experience, enhance distribution capabilities, and drive product innovation to support Zurich and it’s partners within health and life insurance value chain.

If you think you have what it takes, the submission window for the Zurich Innovation Championship is going to close on the February 14, 2024. 

Apply now HERE

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