OXEEN addresses high demand in residences with its teleassistance solution
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OXEEN addresses high demand in residences with its teleassistance solution

NOVEMBER 27, 2023 BHH Members Initiatives

With a smartwatch, mobile application, and online platform, BHH member OXEEN solution benefits residences by expanding services, budget efficiency, and economic compensation.

Residences face a common challenge: demand exceeds capacity.

Even though the spaces are full, the need for care for the elderly continues to grow. With determination and without the possibility of making a significant investment, residences embark on the search for simple solutions that allow them to expand their services and meet the growing demand.

OXEEN Home Solution

In this context, OXEEN Home Solution presents their comprehensive teleassistance solution. This innovative proposal allows residences to extend their services to elderly people living in their own homes. It is designed to maintain constant connection between the resident, their family, and the residence. It consists of three key components:

The smartwatch

  • It monitors health parameters, detects falls, generates emergency alerts, and keeps the user located.
  • It is worth noting that the watch has a SIM card, a microphone, and a speaker, allowing you to communicate with the person wearing the watch directly from your own phone. This eliminates the need for the user to have a phone to use it.

The mobile application

  • User and family access: The application provides easy access for both the user and their family, allowing them to stay informed about health in real time.
  • Family notifications: The app automatically makes calls and sends notifications to preferred contacts in emergency situations, falls, or when irregularities in the resident’s health are detected.
  • Contact with a doctor: Facilitates direct communication with the healthcare staff of the residence through a chat, improving interaction and response to any concerns or medical needs.
    Interactive entertainment: The app features games and challenges selected by health specialists, as well as personalized advice to address patient concerns.

Online Platform

  • Communication tool: Serves as the main channel of contact between the residence and the user, creating a centralized space for healthcare management.
  • Doctor-patient interaction: Offers options for medical chat and video calls for quick consultations, streamlining communication and remote healthcare.
  • General medical history: Provides a complete medical history of all users, allowing detailed monitoring of their health over time and facilitating informed medical decision-making.

What are the benefits for the residence?

  • Expansion of Services: Allows reaching more elderly people, offering quality care even outside the residence facilities.
  • Budget Efficiency: Being an external platform with zero investment, it optimizes resource use, allowing more efficient management of the residence’s budget.
  • Monthly Compensation: Compensation for each registered user not only recognizes the commitment of the residence but also contributes economically, strengthening the partnership.
  • New potential clients: The possibility that OXEEN users become future residents creates opportunities for long-term growth and development for the residence.

Why choose OXEEN?

Implementing OXEEN in your residence is easy. They provide all the necessary commercial documentation and technical support. Users only need to request the service on their web platform with the residence code. They send the watch and credentials directly to the user. Each month, your residence receives payment for each registered user. Fast, simple, and efficient.

Other OXEEN services: Solutions for residences and hospitals

They highlight their innovative wireless patient-nurse call system, wandering control, resident monitoring, virtual telephone switchboards, and space and refrigerator monitoring.

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