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Listen to "Quan Sessions", the podcast of Quan Studios

NOVEMBER 23, 2023 BHH Members Initiatives

BHH provider Quan Studios, the audiovisual studio committed to creating meaningful and sustainable content, has launched its outstanding video podcast, “Quan Sessions,” where entrepreneurs Jose Luis Sabogal Zamora and Juan Pablo Gómez Posso lead insightful conversations with visionary leaders.

"Quan Sessions" is more than just a podcast; it is a window into the minds behind the most impactful initiatives in the world of business and sustainability. Quan Studios' vision is clear: to inspire positive change by promoting sustainability and conscious entrepreneurship.

In the latest episodes, Quan Studios' founders, Jose Luis Sabogal Zamora and Juan Pablo Gómez Posso, have taken listeners on an introspective journey with leaders from different industries. From discussions on sustainability and cultural change to delving into the inspirational stories behind entrepreneurs, Quan Sessions provides a unique perspective in each episode.

"Quan Sessions" highlights the importance of genuine connection and shared purpose. Each episode is an invitation to explore critical issues affecting our communities and the planet, presented in a spontaneous way that inspires and educates.

Quan Studios' founders Jose Sabogal and Juan Pablo Gómez Posso commented: "We want Quan Sessions to be a source of inspiration and learning for those seeking a better understanding of the fundamental role that business and sustainability play in building a more conscious future."

Dive into the transformative conversations of "Quan Sessions" and join the mission to build a more sustainable world, visit their YouTube channel.

May 28, 2024 BHH Members Initiatives
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Arkangel AI reaches the finals of the Fundación MAPFRE Social Innovation Awards
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humanITcare was granted 200.000€ by
The technology giant has granted 200,000 euros in the #healthtech company specialized in telemedicine solutions.
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