The Power of Data in Marketing Strategies: Key to Business Success
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The Power of Data in Marketing Strategies: Key to Business Success

APRIL 17, 2024 Events

BHH member Kraz is hosting a webinar titled "12 Cases of Advanced Analytics Applied to Marketing & Sales" on April 18th. 

Today's data production rate surpasses global storage capacity, posing a significant challenge for brands to efficiently manage a continuous and massive flow of digital information. This is particularly true for the health and pharma industry, which is further complicated by stringent legal frameworks.

In this digital era, leveraging data effectively is crucial for the success of any marketing strategy. The ability to accurately interpret vast amounts of information enables companies to better understand consumer needs and behaviors, anticipate market trends, and base decisions on solid evidence rather than assumptions.

AI and Machine Learning technologies are revolutionizing the way data is collected, analyzed, and utilized. These technologies provide businesses with powerful tools to enhance customer experiences, optimize advertising campaigns, and drive growth and profitability. The ability of a company to adapt and utilize these technologies is critical for maintaining a competitive edge.

Recognizing the importance of data in strategic marketing decisions, Kraz hosts "12 Cases of Advanced Analytics Applied to Marketing & Sales." Scheduled for April 18th at 16 hrs, the webinar will explore a variety of advanced analytics applications, including:

  • Predicting the impact of new product launches
  • Forecasting demand at the SKU and retail levels
  • Evaluating the direct sales impact of advertising campaigns (ROAS)
  • Optimizing the media mix to maximize impact
  • Analyzing the effects of opening physical stores on online sales in specific regions
  • Assessing the impact of online advertising on sales through traditional in-person channels
  • Enhancing communication strategies through owned media (newsletters, app push notifications, outbound call centers, etc.)
  • Identifying optimal product recommendations for individual customers
  • Optimizing lead generation campaigns based on customer lifetime value
  • Detecting at-risk subscriber customers
  • Gaining insights from customer feedback comment analysis
  • Uncovering hidden satisfaction drivers in NPS surveys

Additionally, the webinar will discuss data science techniques and advanced analytics associated with each case, such as customer segmentation, Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), and the impacts of new product launches.

Companies that strategically use data are better positioned to navigate today's competitive landscape and achieve sustained success.

Interested companies can attend the webinar for free by registering HERE.

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