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DECEMBER 12, 2023 BHH News

In the recent webinar co-organized by Barcelona Health Hub and TISAC "The Power of Information: Keys to enhance treatment adherence", an interesting discussion was witnessed on the critical importance of information and communication in healthcare. From personal anecdotes to the presentation of innovative projects in this webinar they analyzed how personalized information can transform the treatment adherence landscape.

This webinar was welcomed by Marja Huiskamp, Chief Communication Officer at Barcelona Health Hub, who presented the main objective of this conversation and then gave way to the connector, Andrea Barbiero of TISAC, who began an interesting talk with Orlando Vergara in which they addressed the crucial importance of information, communication and collaboration in the context of health.

Information, health technology and collaborative ecosystems

Leading innovator in the pharmaceutical industry, Orlando Vergara, in this conversation highlighted the need for personalization in information to improve the patient experience.

He shared a dispensing project in a hospital in southern Spain, where he highlighted how it seeks to facilitate access to medication information, marking a significant step towards improving adherence to treatment.

The impact of technology on health and collaborative ecosystems

Technology as an enabler to bring closer and provide access to health, the use of data to improve decisions and the importance of collaborative health were discussed. The need to provide integrated solutions was highlighted as essential for an efficient healthcare system.

Gravitate Health project: Empowering patients with drug information

Afterwards, the Gravitate Health project was explained by Cecilia Vera, Biomedical Engineering, Professor and Researcher at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and leader of the Spanish scenario of this project, together with Evinn Drusys, in the informatics division of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), serves as product owner of the Electronic Product Information (ePI) project.

The Gravitate Health project, the result of a public-private partnership funded by the European Union, is presented as an innovative solution for accessing reliable medical information. Personalization of information, considering the context and needs of users, is the cornerstone of the project. It focuses on making drug package leaflets more accessible and relevant to each individual. The information is reliable, transparent and interoperably integrated with medical records and electronic package leaflets.

Barcelona Health Hub and TISAC are very proud to be part of this project thanks to being ecosystem friends of Echalliance that has a significant participation in this project.

If you missed this webinar, you can watch it HERE!

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