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Wefight is hiring! - #BHHMembersInitiatives

FEBRUARY 10, 2023 BHH News
BHH member Wefight is a company that specializes in the development of virtual assistants for patients and their relatives. Wefight aims to create assistants that answer questions from patients and their relatives, making information straightforward and accessible from anywhere and at any time during the course of treatment. It does not replace physicians but rather serves as an intermediary. Wefight prides itself on values of trust, prevention and positivity.

The company does not ambition to replace physicians but rather to serve as an intermediary and prides itself on values of trust, prevention and positivity. Wefight provides tailored solutions for patients such as Vik Companion but also supports healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, patients’ associations or any other actor in the health ecosystem through Vik, Vik Studies, Clinical Inertia. Since 2017, the company already reached +500 000 patients and collaborates with +20 patients’ associations as well as 10+ patient ambassadors. In 2021, the company has raised 10M€ and doubled its workforce upon 70 employees.

Currently, Wefight is looking for a Key Account Manager – Spain.

If you want to have a positive impact on patients with cancer or chronic diseases, you will find meaning in this opportunity!  Joining Wefight is above all working in a stimulating environment where your skills will evolve rapidly and be valued. Don't miss this opportunity and be sure to apply!

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